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Positive Shift Retreats were created out of a necessity.  Holden Zalma, the founder, has been working in the wellness industry for over 25 years helping people work through physical, mental and lifestyle blocks where traditional western medicine has failed.  He did this by taking a holistic approach, looking at the whole person, not just the symptom.  He realized that to create true change, the person’s physical, mental and nutritional lifestyle have to be simultaneously addressed. This need to create lasting change while addressing all these aspects, gave birth to “Positive Shift”.

Our Experience

Catered Meals

During our retreats you will be able to completely let go of the stressors of your everyday lives.  It is a time to let go, heal and rejuvenate.  Your time with us will be spent in 5 star accommodations.  All meals will be catered to be nutritious and clean while tasting like they’re not!  

Customized Personal Training

Movement is life and during this retreat you will be living a lot! Each day you will have 2 workouts catered to opening and strengthening the body to help it perform at its most optimal state.  

Therapeutic Bodywork

You will receive daily bodywork sessions from top therapists all trained in the MyoAlign technique created by Holden Zalma.  These sessions will help remove blockages and increase mobility, creating balance in your body where there once was none.

Mindset Training

We physically have a tendency to manifest emotional states. During this retreat we will take a deep dive into these manifestations and give you the tools to take back control of your life, while allowing you to have better interactions and relationships with family, friends and coworkers.  

Experience a total mind and body reset!

Imagine tuning into your optimal state of being. We create an environment that fosters only what serves you. helping to unearth the best version of yourself possible.

Top quality lodging

Beautiful 5 star accommodations in a prime location in nature.

High quality catered meals

Carefully catered meals to nourish and heal the body from the inside.

Personalized workout sessions

2 Customized workouts a day to strengthen and stabilize the body.

Mindset training

Mindset training to help free limiting patterns while gaining a better understanding of how the stories we tell ourselves can benefit or stunt our progress and life.

Connect to surrounding nature

Excursions to see the nature around our location and connect with that environment.

What do you need to shift?

When the body and mind are working at an optimal state, amazing things can happen!














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